Sex, drugs & Rock 'n roll
Sex, drugs & Rock 'n roll "There's no way back."

Sex, drugs & Rock 'n roll

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Josh Courlas

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Utagawa Yoshitsuya 1822-1866. 

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  Some amazing works by

Nicolas Delort  ( Nico Delort )

 Incredible Illustrations Done on Scratchboard

Scratchboard illustrations have been around for quite a while. They have been used since the early 1800′s in newspapers and posters for their ability to retain fine lines and detail. Today, artists are still using scratchboard illustrations for these same qualities while also combining them newer techniques and ideas. Check out some of these scratchboard illustrations we found that are sure to inspire you.

Working with scratchboard is less forgiving than working with pencil and paper since it’s harder to correct mistakes. Scratchboard illustrations are made using sharp blades and scratching implements to create an image. A sheet of china clay is covered with a layer of India Ink which the artist scrapes or scratches off to create the image. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of patience and hard work in this medium

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